What does your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Finances: Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac and is the cardinal water sign. Ruled by the moon, Cancerians mirror its energies which manifest in maternal and comfortable energies. While they are known for being perceptive and very emotional, most people are actually surprised that most Cancerians possess unexpected strength in certains ways. Their symbol - the crab - is an ideal personification of Cancerians. They are able to outwardly project a tough-as-nails exterior which acts as a layer of protection (a shell) for an extremely soft and sensitive heart. This duality between steeliness and emotion is further captured by the crab’s ability to seamlessly move between the waves of the ocean and the seashore, as well as the sharpness of their claws. The crab’s jumpy disposition is also visible in Cancerians who, by nature, find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time. It might be difficult to spot a Cancerian unless you get to know them intimately.

Traits of Cancer

Traits of Cancer

Cancerians are creatures of familiarity and comfort, being complete homebodies. They love to take their time to create safe environments for themselves to flourish in and will feel great discomfort if their surroundings become chaotic. They value loyalty and commitment above everything else and once they take a liking to someone or something, they will go to great lengths to protect and nurture the relationship. Cancerians have a tendency to avoid conflict (a la the crab’s signature diagonal crawl) which sometimes translates into passive aggression as a result of being unable to easily and openly express their true, deep emotions. However, they are not averse to giving a pinch or two of their sharp claws if they feel cornered or if a loved one seems threatened. They are not easily trifled with. While they have a tendency to come across as cold and distant upon first meeting, in reality, they are extremely intuitive with a knack for picking up on unsaid cues. 

Cancers and Finance

Cancers and Finance

Although Cancerians might struggle with expressing themselves or knowing what to do in a situation, they are always one step ahead when it comes to knowing what is going on around them at any given time. This clearness and ability to see through complex events helps them immensely when it comes to navigating business and finance. They are quietly hard workers who tend to work better on their own. They are attracted to projects that have significance to them on a personal level and will treat their subordinates very well. Cancerians make great bosses in the workplace due to their caring natures. However, they also have a tendency to cling on to people and projects that are near and dear to them without any logical reasons. This could lead to irrational and spontaneous decision-making at times. Cancers value wealth greatly not for any material reason but for the safety and security it affords themselves and their loved ones. 

Let’s take a look at how the personal traits of Cancerians affect how they handle their finances:


Cancerians are extremely aware of their surroundings to such an extent that they never miss a single thing when it comes to what is going on around them. This level of attention to detail means that they will rarely make careless mistakes by overlooking seemingly minor details, nor will they be easy to fool. They will be very careful to pay close attention to money coming in and going out, which translates into financial discipline.


Cancerians are, by nature, so in tune with their surroundings that they develop a very high level of intuition. This means that even though they might not have all the information available, they will be able to discern and predict things accurately. This sixth sense will help them in making solid business and financial decisions.


Cancerians take their time to really dig deep into the information prior to making any judgment or taking any decisions. They are patient and will wait until the perfect time to execute any plans. This patience means that they are able to wait to reap the benefits of long-term investments. They are also not easily spooked by sudden downward trends in their investments.

Things to watch out for 

While Cancerians are slow and careful by nature which is definitely a plus when it comes to finance, this also has certain drawbacks as well.

Getting too personal

Cancerians will get emotionally invested in things that they grow close to or fond of. This means that they might cling on to people or projects that are better off abandoned purely due to sentimental reasons - for instance, unproductive employees or unprofitable business ventures. At times like this, it helps to have a more clinically logical business partner to act as their voice of reason. 

Too Restrained

The overtly careful natures of Cancerians will mean they stay far away from any venture or project that they feel is too risky. This might mean they miss out on highly profitable ventures due to their level of restraint. They also run the risk of being too slow to react in situations that require quick and decisive action-taking. For instance, during a financial crisis, they might take too long to secure funds rather than immediately resorting to an instant loan from online lenders to quickly sort out the issue at hand. Such companies like OnCredit.lk will help in this regard.

Cancerians make absolutely valuable people to have in your life when it comes to personal, professional and business relationships. While they seem cold and unapproachable at first, once you crack their shells you will discover a warm and loving individual hiding underneath.