Financial Horoscope: 13 Dec-19 Dec 2021

Managing your finances during the most extravagant of all holiday seasons is no easy feat. Apart from practicing self control and paying some extra attention to your cash flow, a little guidance from the cosmos would surely come in handy. Here is what the upcoming week holds for you as predicted by your zodiac sign.

Finance According to Zodiac Signs


Aries will face a difficult start to the week with negative feelings threatening to cloud your judgment and any decisions made during this week. It is advisable to avoid making any emotional decisions this week and, indeed, to stay away from any critical decision-making entirely. You will also face some conflict with your loved ones as well as seemingly insurmountable obstacles which will leave you feeling overwhelmed. Try your best to avoid getting into arguments by choosing your words carefully and thinking twice before you act. Things will ease up during the latter part of the week.


The upcoming seven days will bring with them countless opportunities for Tauruses who should take full advantage of these. New doors will open up for your ongoing or planned projects and investments. Apart from a positive financial outlook, your personal life will also prosper - from family, friends and romance. However, despite all the exciting possibilities, feelings of loneliness will seep in as you try your best to focus on maximising your returns. Your temper and patience will be tested. Don’t give in to these toxic feelings as there is a risk of sabotaging the opportunities you have been blessed with.


Geminis will feel a surge of positivity in their general outlook on the world, and this will translate into real-life successes. You will be able to spot hidden opportunities and benefits in previously-desperate situations. Your problems will suddenly appear easy to overcome with solutions seemingly appearing out of nowhere. It’s a good time to take a good look at any financial and business problems you might be struggling with - if you had been wondering where to get money for projects, you might find innovative solutions and quick fixes that you had not considered earlier, like unsecured loans from lenders like You can easily turn any losses into profits and find ways to settle any outstanding debts.

Zodiac Signs


Following an especially difficult week, Cancers will finally be rewarded for their persistence with some much-needed peace of mind. You will start to see the effects of the hard work you put in during the last week slowly but surely starting to appear. Look at this time period as a transition period where you gently pick up where you left off - think about restarting any projects you temporarily put on hold and reconnect with any loved ones you might have neglected recently. Make sure to take it slow and focus more on your mental wellbeing. Any charitable work done during this time will make you feel especially good about yourself.


Leos must prepare themselves to face a tiresome week riddled with financial obstacles, personal conflicts and even health problems. It is highly recommended to stay away from any investments or financial endeavours as anything you touch during this week is sure to end up in a loss. You might need to secure some emergency cash to tide you over during this time. Steer clear of anything that might create conflict in your personal life. Focus on spirituality or religious activities and practice tolerance, patience and restraint as much as possible. Keep in mind that you possess the strength to make it through this week but avoid making things worse as much as possible.


Virgos will have a fruitful start to the week with almost all your endeavours in your personal, professional and financial spheres. You will be full of feelings of positivity and your self-esteem will be at an all-time high even though certain events might threaten it. It’s a good time to strengthen your investments with quick decision-making to avoid any pitfalls. Mid-week will bring with it several challenges in all areas that seemed to excel earlier. It is imperative that you keep a close eye on all your investments, especially those with close connections to other people. Also remember to watch out for any signs of treachery from enemies.


Libras will also have a rewarding week, with several projects and investments generating significant returns during this week. Not only will you see financial gains, your income will see an uptick as well as an overall reduction in expenses. Manage this extra money very carefully and you will be rewarded for your restraint in the long run. You will excel at your workplace and form strong bonds with your colleagues and superiors. That being said, try your best to avoid risky situations in both your personal and professional life. Think long and hard about potential investments before coming to a decision, and take care of your health during this time.


Scorpios will face an emotional rollercoaster of a week, with deeply negative feelings related to self-confidence issues seeping into all areas of their life. They will feel tempted to pull out of investments that suddenly seem too risky or back out of already agreed-upon projects with other people. These negative feelings will also result in a more open-minded outlook on life and you might be able to see things in a different light. It’s a good time to critically evaluate any projects or investments currently in the pipeline as your negative mindset will highlight all the risks and potential pitfalls. As tempting as it might seem to act on these worries, hold off on making any final decisions during this week.


Sagittariuses will be overwhelmed with problems in their personal life that it will be nearly impossible to focus on any professional or financial commitments. You will be plagued by health issues, and your commitments towards your family will keep you fully occupied for the entirety of this week. Therefore, it is best to avoid taking on any unnecessary responsibilities at work and to postpone any meetings regarding projects and investments. While you might feel that you can manage everything, the risk of dropping the ball on either your personal, professional or financial matters will have dire ramifications and it is best avoided.


Capricorns will have a very productive week with any effort you put in bringing maximum returns in all areas of your life. You will especially excel at your workplace and get recognised for all your hard work. You will get a lot of support from your coworkers that will help you successfully complete all your tasks on time, leaving you with enough time to focus on other things in your life. You might feel pressured to make the most of your free time that might threaten your feelings of accomplishment. Instead, take this time to focus on your loved ones and to oversee the status of your investments. Make sure to spend this time as leisurely as possible.


If you are an Aquarius, it’s a great time to stop and take stock of all your finances before the year ends. It is recommended to take this entire week to relook at the status of your income, investments, expenses and savings. It is very likely that you will come across unexpected opportunities or risks that you had not foreseen. It might also be a good time to convert some of your riskier investments into savings, and to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Conversely, your personal life might see some strife and conflict which you might feel unable to prioritise due to your focus on your finances.


Pisceans will have a very busy week as they rush to complete all pending work before the dawn of the upcoming new year. You will be able to keep a very positive outlook on everything and bring an unprecedented level of creativity to your problem-solving. This creativity can be utilised in other endeavours and projects as well; put your newfound imagination to work and come up with novel ideas that have the potential to bring significant returns for you. You will be happy to find that your stable and peaceful mindset will last throughout the entire week. Prepare yourself for a smooth week ahead.