Real & Easy Ways to Make Money from Home

If there’s one thing that this Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of having more than one income stream as well as a well-stocked emergency fund. Economies are always volatile and job security is now a thing of the past. As many jobs convert to work-from-home and your commute time is saved, this opens up an opportunity to engage in making money through a side hustle. If managed properly, you may even find that your side hustle could even become your primary source of income.

Some of the most real and easiest ways to make money from home in Sri Lanka:

Data Entry

Data Entry

One of the easiest ways of making money, data entry only requires a computer and an internet connection. Data entry involves looking at raw data (maybe printed documents, excel sheets etc.) and retype it into another set format. Although data entry jobs will never die out, they are quite hard to come by due to the high demand for paying jobs like these that don’t require much skills.

Content Writing

If you possess good writing skills, you will find no shortage of content writing jobs out there. Due to the growing popularity of digital marketing, the need for engaging text content has never been higher. This holds true for English, Sinhala and Tamil, as well as other languages. Keep an eye out on Facebook groups and reach out to those you know who work in marketing to stay on top of any content writing opportunities. Content writing jobs include blog article writing, website content, social media captions, content for promotional material (such as flyers, ads etc.) and even projects like business proposal writing or letter drafting. You could also take this a step further and open up your own blog. If it becomes very popular, you could then monetize it by selling ad space on it or through paid promotional articles.

Sell Food

The pandemic has strengthened the delivery networks of most countries. People are spending more and more time at home, and have grown accustomed to getting their essentials delivered and none more so than their meals. Families (especially those with children) who are reluctant to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner at home are trying out new eateries that are closer to home. If you are able to cook well and sell various types of food and meals, you may find yourself making money. Some ideas include selling healthy meals, cheaper meals, desserts, drinks, snacks, family meals etc.

Sell crafts

If you’re good with your hands, an online tutorial or two could teach you how to make some decent arts and crafts which can be later sold. You could sell items such as birthday cards, stuffed dolls, earrings, scrap books and so much more, and arrange them to be delivered. If you possess a sewing machine, selling basic clothing items for kids or adults at a lower price could also become your side hustle.

Sell household goods

If you’re really struggling to make ends meet, look at selling some of your household goods that you no longer need which are in good working condition. This could include things such as used kitchen appliances, furniture, books, electronic devices or even second-hand clothing. Many people are trying to save money and will be on the lookout to grab a much-needed bargain on various essential purchases. 

Enter competitions

Many brands conduct contests and competitions on social media. Keep an eye out on these pages (especially large consumer brands during seasonal festival times) and enter as many as you can. You can win cash prizes or earn money by selling off the items you receive as gifts.

Technical freelancing

It’s not just content writing freelance jobs that are freely available due to the growth of the internet and digital marketing. If you possess technical skills such as web development, graphic design or animation, you will find so many freelance opportunities available. Sign up on sites such as Fiverr or Upwork and get international projects that pay well.

Tutor kids / sell notes

If you’re a student in school or university, you can still earn some money by selling your knowledge. High quality tutoring and study notes have never been more important as traditional schools and teachers struggle to deliver high-standard education through online channels. If you are able to provide tutoring or study notes that engage and educate children at the same time, this is a legitimate side hustle for you.

Content creation

The pandemic saw many content creators become millionaires seemingly overnight as more and more people consumed digital content as they stayed at home. Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitch and so much more skyrocketed in numbers of creators as well as consumers. If you are able to build an audience, you could very well monetize your content and start making money to rival that of your full time job.

Become a delivery rider

Become a Delivery Rider

Finally, if you have a vehicle at home (a bike, a tuk or a car) that’s obviously not being used much nowadays and you have enough free time, sign up to be a delivery rider on services such as PickMe, Uber, YoGo etc. Taking up delivery services means minimal contact with customers so you are not risking your health and safety, but engaging in a very lucrative way of making money.

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