An Exciting Cashback Awaits You

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OnCredit is back with an exciting promotion for all you fans, not only for you but also extending this for your friends. Fancy winning a cashback to your Bank account during these tough times? We have you covered, with OnCredit - we always make sure we think about our customers and make them happy whenever possible.

Stand a chance to win an exciting cashback directly to your bank account! The best part out of this all is not only you can be a winner, your friends also can be a winner if they follow the rules and meet the conditions given below.

Sounds exciting? Follow the conditions below and instructions on how to take part and win.

Conditions to Follow:

- Customer needs to subscribe or like the OnCredit Sri Lanka page
- Customer needs to tag two of their friends on the promotion post
- Customer needs to take loan during the promotional period
- Customer should send their loan Id through Facebook Messenger
- The friends that has been tagged also must have liked the page

Customer who will fulfill these conditions  will be awarded a cashback (to their bank account) of Rs. 1500 + their friends will be given Rs. 500 each

At the end of promo we randomly choose 5 customers along with their friends (10 friends altogether) who will be eligible for a cashback.

Get started today - Click here (Follow the link to the post)

Promotion Valid Until: August 25th 2021