3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Finances Who Usually Enjoy Financial Stability

The global popularity and belief in astrology is higher than ever, especially in Western countries. More and more people rely on weekly horoscopes to provide some much-needed guidance when it comes to planning and decision-making. Zodiacs in particular are more popular than ever, with people going so far as to cut ties with supposedly incompatible people and using a person’s zodiac to better understand them. While it cannot be ascertained whether there is any truth in astrology (it is, after all, a pseudo science), there is no denying that it has worked out for a massive portion of the world’s population. Therefore, we cannot discount it altogether.

Zodiacs and Money

Zodiac & Money

When it comes to finance, most of us are usually lost - not knowing where to start from and especially what to do with our money. Unless we have a mentor or are obsessed with personal financial advice, we will just do the bare minimum by trying to earn more, spending less and saving whatever we can. Knowing your Zodiac and allowing cosmic bodies to show you the path might be worth taking into account. Astrology is able to give highly accurate predictions when it comes to upcoming financial opportunities, potential risks and personal behaviours to watch out for. 

Here are the 3 luckiest zodiacs when it comes to money.

3 luckiest zodiacs

1. Virgo

Virgos are undeniably successful when it comes to money, which cannot just be attributed to luck, as they are one of the most hardworking, diligent and pragmatic signs in the zodiac. They are very careful and calculative when it comes to financial decisions. Being an Earth sign, they are extremely grounded in how they view money matters and take cautious decisions, while having a keen eye for detail. The fastidiousness and perfectionism of Virgos will most likely prevent them from making any hasty or poor financial decisions or ventures. They will also shun mediocrity which means they will continue to strive for greatness - “good enough” will never be good enough for a Virgo.

Things to Watch Out For

Virgos will face some initial struggles in their quest for their personal fortune. They will most likely find it very difficult when they first get started but once they overcome that, a Virgo’s fortune will be ripe for the picking. Virgos are also very cautious by nature; while this trait will safeguard them from many a poor business deal or financial decision (you will be hard-pressed to find a Virgo taking out impulsive personal money loans without putting a lot of thought into it), their aversion to risk might hold them back from lucrative investments. 

2. Taurus

Another Earth sign, a Taurus is extremely hardworking with a penchant for the finer things in life - which is a combination guaranteed to prove financially splendid. Tauruses love luxury and will not stop at anything to ensure that they live a fancy life that is up to their high standards. They work hard so that they can play harder. They are steady and reliable when it comes to money, preferring to take meticulous decisions to avoid any pitfalls. While they enjoy material luxuries, they will shy away from spending their money unnecessarily. Being extremely grounded, Tauruses consider financial stability one of the most important things in life. They are most likely to save most of their money for future financial independence. The bulls are also most likely to flourish in entrepreneurship.

Things to Watch Out For

Like Virgos, Tauruses abhor high risk ventures although their bullish natures might catapult them into it. This might cause internal turmoil for the usually cool-headed Taurus. Their intense loyalty and dedication to something will border on stubbornness, which means a Taurus could find themselves throwing himself whole-heartedly into a useless venture. A Taurus is also likely to indulge in cheap loans or low rate personal loans from money lenders like OnCredit.lk to fund a venture that they are committed to but is not likely to reap any returns.

3. Aries

Possibly an unexpected addition to this list, Aries is a Fire sign and they bring the full force of nature’s most wild element into their approach to their personal finance. They are extremely driven and the starters of the Zodiac, pushing themselves and others to engage in new ventures. Aries are also born leaders, able to motivate the people around them to take risks and deal with all the repercussions of these risks, both positive and negative. Giving up is not an option for Aries and the ram will continue to throw themselves aggressively at something until it is fixed. Their workaholic nature coupled with a future-oriented outlook on life attracts high-risk investments and ventures. While Aries might lose a lot of money regularly on poor investments, they will always make this money back eventually.

Things to Watch Out For

The impatience of Aries and their love for risk might create some very poor financial decision-making unless they do their due diligence and research. An Aries will be the most likely to impulsively take out personal loans online to fund their upcoming investment without much thought about how they will pay it back if the investment tanks. Aries needs to curb their go-getter attitude in certain situations or else risk losing most of their money.