Easy Personal Loan in Sri Lanka from OnCredit

A personal loan provides much-needed financial support in times of financial distress. It helps relieve financial burdens such as long overdue utility bills, down payments, medical emergencies - or even to take your family on a small vacation. 

However, too many people shy away from taking out personal loans in Sri Lanka due to the absolute hassle of applying for one, after which it takes several days (or even weeks) to get cleared and actually receive the money. You need to collect all the required documents, such as letters from your employer, copies of salary slips and your educational qualifications. After doing all this, there is still a chance that you might be rejected for the personal loan as most lending companies look at a myriad of factors when adjudging eligibility (such as credit history, place of employment etc.). Together with the fact that the minimum amount of a personal loan is still quite high, as well as the minimum repayment term, this is hardly an attractive option for anyone. Therefore, personal loans are seen more as a last resort in a financial bind rather than your first choice.

But what if we told you that you could get a very easy personal loan in Sri Lanka from OnCredit?

Easy Personal Loans from OnCredit

Personal Loans from OnCredit

At OnCredit, we understand that having access to easy loan schemes is no longer a privilege but a necessity considering the current economic outlook in the country. More and more people need financial assistance for a variety of reasons, and quick loans are often their preferred choice. By offering the best options for online loans in Sri Lanka, OnCredit has not only greatly simplified the entire process, but has shortened the time it takes as well, thus making quick and easy personal loans a reality.

How do we Provide Easy Personal Loans?

How we provide personal loans

OnCredit manages to offer their customers easy personal loans using a combination of mechanisms:

Online platform

By offering online loans in Sri Lanka, we managed to completely eliminate the logistical barriers faced by people who want to get personal loans. Loan applicants do not need to visit a branch or a corporate office multiple times in order to apply for, and receive a personal loan. By shifting the entire operation to a virtual platform, we are able to deliver easy loans for our customers. This is especially valuable during a time such as now when we are amidst a pandemic and public transport and public spaces are high-risk areas. Furthermore, our user-friendly website is available in multiple languages and the entire application process can be completed within 6 simple steps in just a matter of minutes.

Unsecured loans

Most of our easy personal loans come in the form of unsecured loans. This enables us to offer really quick loans to our customers as we do not require extensive documentation and background checks to ascertain your eligibility. Therefore, the entire easy loan process takes a maximum of one day.

Online Support

Any customer who faces any difficulties navigating our website or understanding our quick loans process, can contact us directly via WhatsApp or Facebook. Our customer service agents will prompt address your concerns and smooth out the entire process, making this easy personal loan process even easier.

In the past, getting a personal loan in Sri Lanka would never have been considered as easy. But now with technological advancements and market-oriented services, OnCredit.lk is delighted to offer easy personal loan services through online loans in Sri Lanka.