Financial Horoscope: 22 Nov - 28 Nov 2021

If you don’t trust yourself when it comes to making crucial financial decisions, allow the cosmos to guide the way for you. If you know your zodiac sign, you can use your weekly horoscope to help you better manage your financial choices during the upcoming seven days. So if you were wondering whether the time was finally right to make that investment you were agonizing over, here is what the universe has planned out for you for the next week.

Zodiac Next Week


If you recently struggled with various issues, this week will see your feelings of heaviness and sadness leave you. You will feel invigorated and ready to take leaps of faith. Trust your instincts and do what you feel will work out best for you. It is advisable to pay close attention to logic and your mind to prevent any impulsive decision-making. You should also make sure to practice restraint in your dealings with other people, especially when taking criticisms. Your hard work during this week will not be in vain - allow the benefits to come to you instead of chasing after them.


Tauruses will find themselves drawn to making extravagant purchases during this week as the seasonal sales and discounts start appearing. Don't worry - let yourself go wild and allow yourself to thrive in your most natural habitat. This week will prove to be very expensive for you and you might face some buyer's regret in the upcoming weeks so make sure to hold on to all your receipts. You might crave some deeper meaning and more fulfilment in your daily life - try changing up your routine and do something out of the norm, especially when it comes to your usual traditions.


Finances according to Zodiac Signs

This week will be one of deep introspection for Geminis. You will feel the need to let go of unfulfilling relationships and projects in your life, and that's completely okay. Don't be afraid to remove yourself from any situation which is causing you discomfort or losing money for you no matter how emotionally invested you are in it. Don’t let your attachment to certain projects drain your money and push you into a bad credit situation. At the same time you will feel attracted to novel opportunities which would ordinarily not be to your tastes. Exercise a little caution in these ventures and discuss with your most valued people about whether you are making the correct decisions.


Cancers will feel extremely motivated to make the most of the remainder of this year - this might lead them to burn out or feel frustrated when they can't reach the tight deadlines they set for themselves. In this same vein, this makes it a perfect time to bring some organisation and order to your life - collate all the scattered information about your business venture and investments in order to be able to step into the new year with everything in one place. It might also be a good time to relook at your problems with a new outlook - you might find yourself able to come up with solutions easier than you think.


Leos might struggle with some feelings of self-loathing as they find themselves using other people to get what they want. This will likely be brought on by being confronted by certain actions in your past, finally catching up with you. Take some time to ponder about how you got to this place and what you can learn from your past mistakes. Don't be so quick to blame other people for your failed investments. Choose to do things that you know you will not regret in future.


This week will be the perfect time for Virgos to make some serious changes in their life. Uproot any stuck investments or divest loss-making business ventures. Transform the way you interact with your colleagues and business partners to make your relationships more meaningful and rewarding. If you make some changes in the direction you are heading in, you will find yourself making significant progress for the better. It's also a good time to practice some self-appreciation and know that you are loved.


Libras should make the most of this week. It's a time to celebrate the upcoming holiday season to the fullest. Your professional and financial matters will be calm without requiring you to pay more attention on those fronts. Take this week off and rest and relax as more busy days are coming up. This week might prove to be more expensive than you had prepared for. Don’t be afraid to even take out small personal loans or instant online loans to fund your activities this week - you will quickly be able to settle this and stabilise your financial matters.


Scorpios are advised to try giving up control in certain areas of their life which are currently taking up too much of their time and attention. This is especially true when it comes to your personal relationships as well as your tight rein on your finances. Allow these to be free and see where they go of their own accord - you might find that these things flourish on their own. Don't be too bossy and controlling, and reap the benefits in the short-term.


This week will begin with a fight with your inner demons for every Sagittarius. You will likely struggle with feelings of inadequacy early on during this week and might want to hold back from putting yourself out there. It is important to keep in mind that these are just feelings - trust the hard work you have put in over the last few weeks and make firm decisions that you should stand by even in times of self-doubt. The latter part of the week will see self-confidence brought on by the rush of having stood your ground. Don't be afraid to say "no" and set some time aside for yourself.


Capricorns will find themselves craving some downtime to rest and relax amidst a world of chaos. It is advisable to spend some time with yourself rather than friends and family as seeds of discord are easily spread during the holiday season. Remove yourself from any situation which might prove to spark strife and stay away from accepting financial advice or getting into new business ventures with those closest to you. The end of the year will bring with it a lot of work and activities but remember - your mental wellbeing is the most important.


If you have spent a lot of time and energy on your professional and financial endeavours, the time is now right to shift your focus to your personal life and relationships. If you find yourself itching to start your newest project or business venture, hold off for this week and spend some time with your family and friends. You will find that these projects will thrive when you feel secure about your place within your social circle. This week is sure to bring lots of harmony so don't be afraid to go out and make new friends and acquaintances.


Pisceans will feel drawn to the spotlight this week. Use these feelings productively by taking on more responsibility at work or starting new projects that you always wanted to but never thought you could. You might also find your desire for stardom being irritated by the actions of those closest to you. Keep in mind that no one is perfect and don't believe everything you hear. Stick to what you know to be right and correct without being swayed by rumours and the feelings of other people.