Get a repeat loan and stand a chance to win a cashback

No sooner had we got out of the lockdown then a new nuisance overtook - a flood. Despite this, Oncredit continues to work for you so that you can get money when you just need it. To support you in a difficult situation, we continue the promotion and increase the size of the cashback. You have an exciting chance to win a cashback up to Rs.800 to your account. 

How to become a participant of the action?

  1. Take a repeat loan in Oncredit for any needs
  2. Do a full payment to close the loan
  3. The payment can be done via any channel

How to pay to close your current loan?

If you are worried about not being able to go out during the prevailing travel restrictions, we have opened up a few online channels for your convenience. Start paying your loans today; find out more about our repayment channels here -

Note - please do not forget to put in your Loan ID as reference when doing a payment or forwarding the slips to us!

What can you win?

Cashback to clients' accounts Rs. 500/ - 5 winners
Cashback to clients' accounts Rs. 800/ - 3 winners


Promotion valid date is 7th June to 14th June 2021

8 customers will be chosen on the 16th of July randomly. Loan ID’s of these customers, satisfy the above criteria, will be put across on a randomizer tool online and thereafter be selected. By the end of the promotion period, winners will be announced via our FB page and through a direct message.

Stay home - stay safe! Repay your loan - Get cashback!