What does your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Finances: Aries

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and, true to this, they are a fire sign that is determined to stay first in everything they do. Although their exterior might appear to be brash and reckless, Aries are fiercely protective and loyal about their loved ones. Having an Aries in your corner is sure to be a pillar of strength, especially during trying times. Aries have large personalities and command attention whenever they enter a room, which might not be to everyone’s liking. Their symbol is the Ram and the impulsive and hotheaded image it portrays is indicative of the brashness and strong will of all Aries, even though it might manifest in many different ways. Aries is the penultimate fire sign, being action-oriented risk-takers who thrive in exciting environments.

Traits of Aries

While most people simply relegate Aries as simply being loud and reckless, there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to the Ram. Known to be fiercely competitive in everything that they do, Aries are also naturally warm and passionate when it comes to their loved ones. Their competitive streak manifests in a highly determined, innovative and stubborn personality that will help them to achieve their goals no matter what. Very much “Do First, Think Later” types, Aries has a tendency to be brash and impatient. Aries are, by nature, confident and extremely fearless. They will do what they want without worrying about consequences, determined to prove themselves in their own eyes and those of others. Aries also tends to get bored very easily and will break down any barriers in their path through sheer willpower and tenacity.

Aries and Finance

Aries and Finance

Aries tends to view life and everything else as a game that should be played to win. This makes them see everything as a competition in which they seek to be number one. This, coupled with their impulsive behaviours, invariably leads to quick decision making aimed at one-upping other people. Aries are attracted to showing off their wealth through material possessions and extravagant objects. Aries is one sign you can expect to see taking out multiple paycheck advances to fund their latest impulse purchase. Their love for risk-taking and quick actions make them ideal gamblers and investors. Aries are not thorough planners and will likely not have long-term financial goals. If they come across any attractive personal loan offers, they are likely to take out a personal loan and then decide what they will do with the money. Since everything is so spur-of-the-moment for Aries, most wins and losses will be short-term: they will never be rich for a long period of time nor will they ever be poor. They will make money as easily as they spend it, and will love doing both.

Let’s take a look at how these traits of Scorpios affect how they handle their finances:

Scorpios affect how they handle their finances:


Aries are naturally courageous and will not back down from a challenge. Challenges excite Aries so if they are ever faced with any roadblocks in their life, they will quickly look for new ways to overcome them. Aries will never find themselves in a bad financial situation that they cannot get out of. Their affinity for challenges also makes them ideal investors, able to dive in and out of investments quickly making profits (and losses) along the way. They will also see opportunities in certain investments where others would tend to shy away from.


Aries is not one to seek to win by employing underhanded tactics. For them, a win is only a win if the game was played fairly. This makes Aries very honest and straightforward in all their dealings. They make an ideal business partner who you can trust during good times and bad times. They will seek to be completely transparent in all monetary dealings and will expect the same from those around them. Unfortunately, this open-minded approach of the first of the zodiacs often results in a child-like blind trust of other people who might not be as honest as they are.


Aries are generous almost to a fault. They do not cling on to wealth or material possessions, being confident in their abilities to regain them if lost. They are also fiercely loyal and protective of other people. They will willingly part with everything in order to help a friend without expecting anything in return. This will make them likely to blindly invest in a friend’s failing business or lend money to a family member without the means to repay it. However, Aries will gladly part with that money not seeking to have it repaid someday.

Things to Watch Out For

Money is quickly gained and lost for Aries. Their desire for risks and quick decision-making might land them in a hot spot. If you are an Aries or have a loved one who is an Aries, watch out for the following:


Aries are forever competing with other people. This might lead to them making financial decisions such as investments and purchases based on wanting to be better than someone else, and not necessarily what is best for them. This behaviour needs to be identified early on and curbed as Aries will quickly get bored of their new acquisition and regret will seep in.


Impulsive and brash often translates into recklessness. Aries might very well find themselves gambling on an obviously poor choice, in the hopes of a payoff. They are wont to do first and think later without any anxiety about implications or harm to themselves. It’s not unusual to see Aries take out unsecured loans to fund a risky project or business idea without having any idea of how to pay it back.