Simple and Effective Unsecured Loans from OnCredit

Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately needed to make a payment, possibly to cover an emergency medical bill or for crucial household repairs, but found yourself just a few thousand rupees short? In today’s economic condition, asking for a loan from friends or family is not feasible as almost everyone is struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. At times like these, unsecured loans from financial institutions like us makes the most sense. At OnCredit, we make unsecured loans even more convenient by providing them in the form of quick online loans.

Here’s why unsecured loans from OnCredit are sometimes the best option in certain situations.


Even if you have never applied for personal loans or online loans in Sri Lanka, the entire process is extremely easy from start to finish when dealing with OnCredit. The website user interface is clear and easy-to-follow, with prominent call-to-actions. We have outlined the process step-by-step, with direct instructions at every juncture. You just have to visit the website (on any device - our website is fully responsive!) and enter the amount you require. We will then ask you to register and immediately let you know the terms of repayment (due dates and interest rates). If you find all the terms and conditions agreeable, you are free to apply for one of our easy online loans.


Due to the extraordinarily simply process, you can complete applying for online loans within just a matter of minutes! We require absolutely minimal documentation - just a photograph of yourself (an on-the-spot selfie would do) and your National Identity Card (NIC) is all that’s required to apply for one of our quick online loans. Once you have finished applying, one of our personal loan officers will get in touch with you to get more details (usually immediately or within one to two hours). They will verify your identity, ask a few more questions and they will adjudge whether you are eligible to receive the loan (using our own criteria). If you are deemed eligible, the required personal loan money will be credited to your account almost instantaneously. The entire process, from applying for our quick online loans to getting the cash to your hand, takes less than a day or a few days maximum.


Unlike personal loans from traditional banks, our unsecured loans are extremely short-term. The repayment period starts from a minimum of three months (with three fixed instalments) up to longer. This way, you ensure that you are in no long-term debt. This is an amazing benefit, considering the volatility of the world today. Being unable to predict your future expenses and financial status, it is best not to get tied down to long-term financial commitments.

Simple. Quick. Short-term. Those are the three key benefits you receive when you select OnCredit for your online loans. OnCredit remains your best partner when it comes to online loans in Sri Lanka.