About Us

OnCredit (Private) Limited also known as “OnCredit” is a company providing consulting and financial services for everyone across Sri Lanka.

OnCredit firmly believes in providing access to financial services to all communities of the country regardless of their status. It will help you realise your cash requirements when you need it the most.

OnCredit operates with its basic principles to strive and provide convenience and innovative financial solutions to customers who are in need. OnCredit works openingly and securely and has taken all necessary steps to secure your data that has been entrusted to us.

Why we?


Economy and reliability

Simple terms of granting loans, only through secure channels


Simplicity and efficiency

Fast issue of loans online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Honesty and openness

No hidden fees, maximum transparency in the choice of the amount, term and date of loan repayment


Friendliness and courtesy

Respect for each client, user-friendly interface and humane support. Getting a loan is easy




The client is our friend who needs our care. We understand the needs of our friend and strive to be as honest and open with him as possible, communicate with him on an equal footing and provide him with the maximum service.



The team is the foundation of our Company, we are united, organized and moving in the same direction.



Growth is knowledge. We leave our comfort zone in order to move forward and achieve our goals. We want to constantly learn and we do it!



Responsibility is unconditional attention to tasks within its competence (and even a little more!)



Honesty - openness towards each employee and client, transparency of the decisions made.


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Janitha Perera

I'm so thankful for OnCredit, as I was falling short of money in hand mid-month. OnCredit helped me with a salary advance, the application and approval process was so easy.

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Nayani Fernando

I was finding it very hard to manage paying bills in the end of each month, having service providers like OnCredit helped me ease my worries as their service is instant and it was easy for me to manage my expenses every month

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Azeem Abdu

In many instances i have borrowed funds from OnCredit, because my business is as such that i always fall short on working capital. I’m very thankful for the services offered to me, not to mention the convenience of obtaining a repeat loan.

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Celestine George

I would never forget the time when OnCredit helped me during an emergency. I had fallen short of cash to pay for my mothers medical treatments, if not for OnCredit i would be in big trouble right now. Thank you so much!