Online loan in Cashwagon all information

All information on lending in Cashwagon. Conditions for obtaining a loan, extension and payment of a loan in Cashwagon


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  Cashwagon OnCredit
Age, employment  20-60 years old, have a steady income 20 to 60 years old, currently employed, or have a steady income
Sum and terms  3-6 month, Rs. 5000-50000 5-30 day Rs.2000-100000
Fees rates  15.8 to 18.1% per month (maximum APR 216.12%) 0-12%
Telephone  Yes Yes
Photo Verification Yes  Yes
Special proposition  Yes Yes

If you need to meet your urgent financial needs, Cashwagon is here to help. They are a fintech company that specializes in developing and maintaining their own digital platform. Today, through Cashwagon website and mobile app, this platform provides online access to a variety of financial products for 80% of residents

  • Indonesia; 
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Philippines;
  • Vietnam;
  • Malaysia.

Cashwagon helps those who have almost no access to banking services. Through innovation, the company makes it possible to make partner companies' financial products, including loans, investments and, in the future, credit cards, available to a wide range of customers.

Cashwagon in numbers:

  1. Founded in the spring of 2017.
  2. Today, it has 1 million customers.
  3. More than 2.3 million people around the globe have downloaded the mobile app.
  4. The app has an average rating of 4.5 stars.
  5. The company employs approximately 900 people in 9 countries.

Cashwagon is headquartered in Singapore. In 2019, the company received the award for best organization in the Digital for Financial Services category by the international Singapore Business Review Technology Awards.

What you need to do before you apply for a loan from Cashwagon

To be able to overcome a financial emergency, one can decide to get a loan from Cashwagon. However, ensure the following before you take the loan.

  • Seek for reviews, go through pages on social media of organization.
  • You have to know all the terms and conditions before signing the contract.
  • Make sure that you can meet all repayment terms before taking a loan.
  • You are obligated to pay back the full sum of borrowed money before the due date because any delay may add extra fees or cause high interest rates.
  • Know how you are going to repay all amount borrowed fully.
  • Whether there is an option of early payment for your debt in case if it is necessary for you.

The above points will help you solve your financial emergencies safely.

What makes the company unique?

Fintech company Cashwagon is a pioneer in online consumer finance. The business is focused on providing hassle-free instant cash loans without any collateral. Cashwagon has a cash on demand platform that aims to simplify the approval process and avoid long lines. You can use the platform to borrow money for any purpose in just 24 hours! The highlight of the service:

  • easy application process;
  • fast turnaround time;
  • the easiest and most affordable way to solve your budget problem;
  • no fees, with the exception of interest, processing and service fees.

The only requirement is to pay on time. If you ignore this requirement, unfortunately, you can't hope for anything.

Advantages of applying with Cashwagon

Why is it beneficial to take out a loan in Cashwagon? Because it is:

  • fast;
  • comfortable;;
  • reliable;;
  • safely;
  • comfortable;
  • economical.

A quick application process is guaranteed, and approval is done in as little as 24 hours. Clients can also count on an extremely low monthly income requirement. Another plus is that there is no processing, repayment or other fees. Of course, what attracts people most about this platform is the ability to get an instant cash loan online in just one click.


Minimum funding amount

₱ 8000

Maximum amount of financing

₱ 20000

Minimum term of loan

1 month

Maximum term of loan

1 month

Interest rate

Up to 40% of approved loan amount

Term of Approval

1 day

Debt consolidation

Not required

If we look at everything from the legal point of view, Cashwagon loan is a legal organization, which provides clients with small loans from their own funds in order to obtain a commercial benefit. The loan funds are the only real solution for citizens in the days of economic crisis and steadily rising prices.Features of Financial Assistance

Cashwagon Sri Lanka operates under simple rules under which financial aid is granted:

  1. Transparent terms and conditions. A reliable financial institution does not charge extra fees and there are no hidden fees for insurance programs and some other products that were not originally stated. The agreements are not trade secrets, and anyone can easily research them in the appropriate category or right before entering into a transaction.
  2. The right to access publicly available data. Every customer has the opportunity to review all important information available to all users on the official website at any time.
  3. Prompt service. One of the key advantages already mentioned earlier is the fast delivery of credit services. It takes only a few minutes to review the application, select and transfer dollars.

And, of course, affordability is worth mentioning. Cashwagon financial firm provides credit services to anyone who wants to get rid of a difficult financial situation or unforeseen monetary expenses in no time.

Cashwagon or bank?

Let's compare the two institutions



This is not a traditional company, providing exclusively online services. The services allow you to get a loan online from the comfort of your home. You can even get borrowed funds through the Cashwagon app.

A government agency usually provides services offline. Rarely, it is possible to get a loan online.

Treat customers with understanding. You won't feel uncomfortable with awkward questions and you can be sure that no one can call your family or your management. A convenient way to disburse money using the Cashwagon loan app.

Not always treated with understanding. Often you can feel out of place because of direct awkward questions. There may be calls, to you, to relatives. Money is handed out.

Promptness of service execution. Cashwagon transfers money in 15 minutes maximum.

You have to collect piles of documents for weeks and wait several days for the conclusion.

 As you can see, taking a loan in Cashwagon is much easier and more profitable. You save money, time, energy and nerves, and guarantee your privacy. No leakage of personal data to third parties, total security and peace of mind.

Who is eligible for a loan?

Receive money is allowed:

  • officially employed citizens;
  • pensioners;
  • students.

The loyalty of Cashwagon Sri Lanka determines almost all the conditions of this MFI. Their main audience is people. They have done everything so that everyone can get a reliable financial cushion.

When is digital credit the best solution?

When Cashwagon online loan is really the right solution:

  • wage arrears;
  • shortage of money for expenses;
  • the need to buy expensive equipment, without which it is impossible to live;
  • force majeure requires a large sum of money.

If your credit history leaves much to be desired, it is worth turning to Cashwagon and making plans without wasting time. In any unforeseen circumstances, it is better to consider virtual credit, which will bail you out and save you from many problems.

How to get a loan?

First of all, you need to visit, then:

  1. Create an application through the loan calculator, select the amount and repayment day of the loan. Click on the "Get" button.
  2. Find out the accumulated interest. If you have a promo code, you should enter it at this point to get a lower rate.
  3. Read the rules and the open public offer before applying. Agree to the processing of personal data and access to credit points.
  4. Register. You must provide truthful information or you may get rejected.
  5. Wait for the application to be reviewed.
  6. Read the credit agreement in your profile. Accept the terms and sign.

Immediately after confirming the transaction, Cashwagon transfers the money to the profile in minutes. The company additionally sends the client a copy of the loan agreement via email.

It is not recommended to postpone the payment to the last day. The payment transfer can be delayed. If it is impossible to repay the loan in full, there is an option to apply for an extension of the loan repayment period or to cover it in installments. Then interest will accrue only on the actual balance of the amount.