Financial Horoscope: 20 Dec - 26 Dec 2021

With Christmas being just around the corner, everything can feel more than a little overwhelming. Not only is there a lot of pressure to finish off all pending work at the office during a time when no one is in the right headspace to work, the amount of commitments in one’s personal life is also probably at an all-time high. Gifts need to be bought, decorations need to be put up, parties need to be attended to - all of which costs a lot of money. If you need some kind of guidance to help you wade your way through this stressful time, you can follow the weekly predictions for your zodiac sign.

Financial Horoscope According to Zodiac Sign


Aries will have a rather uneventful week with both ups and down in all aspects of their lives. There is a possibility of reaping great rewards at work and in your finances if you are able to restrain your emotions and make some smart decisions. In short, with a little bit of effort you can make this week a very positive one. Take care not to get into conflicts with your friends or coworkers - they can help you in many ways throughout this week.


Tauruses will have a hectic but highly rewarding week. They will need to rush between work and family commitments but will ultimately manage to pull everything off. While your investments will generate satisfactory returns this week, your spending might go off the charts as you spare no expense in your home-work balancing act. Keep an eye out for hidden opportunities but take care not to bite off more than you can chew. Prioritising will aid you a great deal.


Geminis will have a very positive week where events and opportunities will begin to blossom for them. They will also revel in feelings of peace and calmness that will greatly help them in making the most of this bountiful week. Decisions which seemed impossible will make sense to you with a little much-needed reassurance from your friends and colleagues. Don’t be afraid to take the leap when it comes to mending relationships or work-related projects - even investing or divesting. 


Cancers will have a rocky start to the week with highly negative feelings and emotions eroding into most aspects of their life. While it might seem impossible, it is imperative to reign in these feelings which might put all your money matters and personal relationships at risk. For instance, a minor financial hiccup might make you want to take a loan but it is likely not needed. With a little effort and self-restraint, the week will slowly start to look up. You will regain control over your finances and things will settle at work.


Leos will have another rollercoaster week. The week will start off extremely busy, with professional, personal and money-related matters taking up most of your time. Unfortunately, you will not be in the best health (mentally or physically) to cope with everything at first which will cause you to struggle. You might need to take an instant loan to manage your expenses. However, towards the latter part of the week things will start to look up. Therefore, it is best to leave all the high-stakes work towards the end of the week - such as critical business- and investment-related work.


Virgos will have an extremely festive week, allowing them to reconnect with their loved ones, take time off or even spend some time in their own company. It will be a week of self-love although the impending post-Christmas lull will likely bring in some blue feelings. Stay away from any stressful work and leave any decisions regarding professional or money-related matters for after the holidays. Your time off might offer some novel insights so take some time to ponder over your issues.


Libras will go full steam ahead this week. Their confidence will be at an all-time high which will allow them to steamroll their way through their work tasks and take difficult decisions without worrying too much. This confidence surge will also help them help other people selflessly but be careful not to make any major financial commitments in the name of altruism. Any conflicts in your personal life will also get resolved. You might have significant capital gains.


Scorpios will be overwhelmed with waves of negative emotions over a wide spectrum - everything from boredom to impatience and anger. These will likely create many problems in their personal and professional lives. Take great care not to make any hasty decisions regarding your money during this week as they will be influenced by these temporary negative feelings. While your friends and loved ones will be able to give clarity, be wary of your interactions as your sour mood might cause issues.


Every Sagitarrius will be showered with love and adoration from their family and friends. This positive reinforcement will translate into successes in your professional and personal life as well. You will hear good news in the workplace and your competitors and rivals will also back down. However, the high will not last and you will have a slump towards the latter part of the week, with feelings of low self-esteem. Make sure to complete all critical work quickly and save the Christmas weekend for some quality time with loved ones.


Capricorns will find themselves exerting most of their energy into controlling their emotions - and seeing results. Their decisions will not be impacted by feelings of anger, worry or frustration. Utilise this self-restraint to make careful and logical decisions regarding your finances and professional life. Your personal life will also flourish as you will find yourself non-engaging in situations of conflict. Your emotions might be tested with emergencies including your nearest and dearest.


Aquarians will have a difficult week with everything seemingly going awry. Your investments might seem at great risk, your projects might appear to be failing and even your personal relationships might be rocky. Even if there is nothing in particular, you will feel dissatisfied with the general way of your life. Don’t take any financial decisions this week. Allow yourself to seek advice from elders and focus on the achievements of your loved ones for some positive perspective.


Pisceans will also have a turbulent week. Your finances will be extremely uncertain during this time so it is highly advisable to rein in your spending. Steer clear of risky investments and get out while you’re ahead. The hard work you put in during this week will be rewarded in the end so don’t get discouraged. Your personal conflicts will reach their peak during this time but can be resolved satisfactorily. Try to keep your spirits up and you can successfully make it through a challenging week.