Flexible Ways for College Students to Make Money

Being a college student is a time of your life where you will be most struggling for money. Not only will you be managing college payments, but you will need money to manage your social activities as well. Things would get even tougher if you’re living away from your parents and need money to cover your living expenses. On top of everything, the thought of entering post-college life in the real world without any money to your name is stress-inducing. All this adds up to very high pressure to earn some money while you complete your tertiary education, all the while not neglecting your education. While in the past, the only avenues available to you might have been part-time jobs at a shop or company, thanks to the internet, there are many more opportunities available.



Every college student could use a bit of extra help to get ahead in their classes. Adjusting to a new way of life while learning advanced material proves to be difficult for many people whose grades then start slipping. Students who can afford it will definitely be on the lookout for good tutors who they can use to better their grades. If you have a knack for teaching, take a serious look at tutoring. Not only will it bring you some seriously good money, but it will also help you keep the study material in your mind. Additionally, you don’t need to stick to tutoring other college students; high school students (or even younger) are also a target segment whose parents will be more than willing to pay for additional support for their children to get into better colleges.

Delivery or Cab Driver

If you own a bike or another vehicle, becoming a delivery or cab driver is an appropriate source of money. Not only can you work at any hours at your discretion, the money is extremely good. The demand for food delivery as well as delivering smaller to medium sized packages is higher than ever, what with the pandemic as well as the popularity of mobility solutions mobile apps such as Uber and PickMe. The only downside to this is that it requires quite a bit of effort, as well as time that you could otherwise have devoted to your studies.

Sell Your Old Belongings Online

If you own any items which you don’t use anymore, look at ways you can sell these on online platforms. There are countless Facebook groups and classifieds websites that allow people to buy and sell used items at the best price for both the buyer and the seller. These items could range from old electronics items (either in good working condition or broken to be used for parts), old textbooks, sports equipment, uniforms or clothes, accessories or any other item which you don’t need.

Content Creation

If you’ve got some spare time, content creation is a great way of not only making extra money but it has the potential to become a serious source of income.


Gaming is one of the most lucrative industries in the world right now. If you are able to stream your games and post videos on YouTube to build up a solid fanbase, you could stand the chance to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in revenue each month.


If you enjoy living a picturesque life and taking photographs of your daily activities, becoming a lifestyle content creator might be able to bring in some serious cash for you. Posting about food, clothes, restaurants etc. has a large audience and earning potential.

Use Your Skills and Talents

Using your talents

Look at what skills you possess, in your current educational stream and outside it. If you are studying medicine but have talent when it comes to art, look at selling your art or becoming a content creator in the arts field. If you excel in your field of study, look at becoming a tutor or selling you study notes. If you can sew or cook well, you can try your hand at a small side business. Look inwards at yourself and think about what your most marketable skills are. You might even be surprised to find that perhaps your real career lies not in your current field of study, but in an area you never even previously considered.

Once you have a regular source of income, a whole new world of opportunities and options open up for you. You can start living a carefree life and exit college being able to leisurely take your time looking for the ideal career for yourself. In times of need, you could even be eligible for quick loans from lenders like OnCredit.lk without needing to worry about how you will be able to pay it back. It’s never too early to start earning money; while there is something to be said for enjoying your college life without worrying about earning money, it is not always practical.