Mobile App - Advantages of Using App rather than Web

Imagine having a stockpile of tens of thousands of rupees at your disposal should you ever need it - and carrying it around in your pocket all the time. With the new OnCredit mobile application, this is now a reality! With just a few taps, you can not only create an account but complete your entire loan application and getting a payday loan using the user-friendly design of the mobile application.

What is the OnCredit mobile application?

The OnCredit mobile application is basically an application that you can directly download to your Android mobile phone using the Google Play Store. When you use the mobile app, you can directly open up OnCredit’s dashboard on your mobile phone with just one touch and proceed with applying for a quick cash loan.

What is the difference between using the OnCredit mobile app and the website?

There are many differences between using the mobile application and the website (on any device).

1.    Easier Access

When accessing the OnCredit website, you need to use a web browser (like Google Chrome or Safari) to visit the site; when using the mobile application, it is permanently available on your mobile phone home page or app list so it’s just one click away for easier access.

2.    Better Speeds

The innate technology behind mobile applications (e.g. localised data storage) makes it much easier to optimise speeds. Even the most optimised, mobile-responsive website cannot match the optimum speed of a well-built mobile application.

3.    Internet Usage

The OnCredit mobile application uses less internet to complete an entire transaction than if you had used the website on desktop or mobile, as quite a lot of the features are stored locally on your mobile phone rather than downloading everything every time you load the website.

4.    Single Log-In

When using the OnCredit mobile application, you only need to log-in once and if you choose to stay logged-in, you can directly access the dashboard from then on without needing to log in each time. While this remains true even for the website if you authorise the website to keep you signed in, it is undeniable that the process is much easier on the mobile phone.

5.    Better personalisation

When setting up the OnCredit mobile app for the first time, you can easily set your preferred language and are not required to change it thereafter. Furthermore, you will also find yourself being served with more personalised content as we can use the data you provide us (with your explicit permission) to improve our services; as OnCredit adheres to strict data privacy protocols on the website, the level of personalisation is somewhat limited.

6.    Online & Offline Capabilities

Unlike the website, you can access certain features through the mobile application even when you don’t have access to the internet. While this information might not be updated, it might still prove to be useful when trying to view certain information in an emergency.

7.    Better Notifications

Stay updated at all times about your loan status with the OnCredit mobile application. When you enable push notification, you will get real-time notifications about your loan directly to your phone. This is in contrast to the website, where you would need to log-in to the website or check your email to view the status of your loan and other such updates.

8.    Better Device Feature Utilisation

The OnCredit mobile application takes full advantage of the inherent features available on your mobile phone, such as the camera (sending photos of yourself and your NIC takes around just three taps), auto-fill personal information, autocorrect typos etc. While the website has some great features, it is designed to suit a wide range of devices and therefore cannot be customized to this extent.

9.    Better Device Compatibility and Responsiveness

As the mobile application was designed and developed especially for Android mobile phones, the layout and user experience is far more seamless. The website needs to be able to adapt itself to various devices (computers, laptops, tabs, mobile phones etc.) therefore it might be 100% fully-responsive across all devices.

10.    Limited to Smartphone

As the OnCredit mobile application is limited to a smart mobile phone running Android, access is somewhat limited. If you don’t have an Android mobile phone, you cannot use the mobile application on a desktop computer or other devices, although Huawei and Apple users can expect their very own mobile application in the near future.

11.    Less Discreet

Anyone who uses your mobile phone can easily see that you have the OnCredit mobile application installed and will know that you are a frequent user of credit services; by using the website, it is easier to keep your financial affairs more discreet by using a private window and frequently clearing your search history.

12.    Greater Temptation

Of course, all the benefits of the mobile application make it that much easier to borrow money. While OnCredit facilities this service, they encourage responsible borrowing only in times of need.

How can I get the OnCredit mobile application?

Unfortunately, the OnCredit mobile application is currently only available for download on the Google PlayStore which means that it is compatible with Android mobile phones only. However, a version will soon be released for Huawei and Apple phones as well.

You can download the mobile app via playstore here

If you need to get more details on the features of the mobile application, read here.