OnCredit - Prestigious Online Loan Service with Competitive Interest Rates

During the last few years, innovative technological advancements have opened doors to many underprivileged people, especially in the financial industry. Large banks and traditional financial institutions have always discriminated against people who don’t possess impressive bank balances or millions of rupees worth of assets. This is especially evident when it comes to money lending practices. Unless you can show that you have substantial assets, it is next to impossible to get a bank loan. These organisations also look at other factors such as educational background (you qualify for a higher loan value if you have a degree or a professional qualification), place of employment, credit history etc. These kinds of practices often act as further disadvantages to the already disadvantaged. However, the high demand for money lending services as well as the rapid internet and mobile penetration rates in Sri Lanka combined and birthed services like us - OnCredit.

What does OnCredit do?

OnCredit provides online loan services (mostly unsecured loans) to customers around the country, providing much-needed financial support for a huge market segment that was not being sufficiently catered to by banks. Online loans made it possible for people living away from major city centres to apply for and receive quick cash loans online without any hassle. Compared to other similar online loan services, OnCredit has a superior process (easier and faster) with extremely competitive interest rates.

Our most popular online loans include the following:

Popular types of Online Loans

Student Loans: 

Never let a sudden stroke of financial misfortune stand in the way of you or your child’s education. A solid, uninterrupted education is the best way of securing a stable future for yourself. If you find yourself short of money to manage school term fees or university fees, we offer the best online loan facilities for this purpose.

Salary Advance: 

One of our most popular online loan services, salary advances or payday loans are often a staple for working people who run out of spending money just a few days shy of their salary date. Bills, household expenses and travelling costs cannot wait. Our salary advance schemes offer you a one-day loan so that you don’t need to compromise your lifestyle in any way or let down those who are dependent on you.

Medical Loans: 

Perhaps the most important loan facility we offer, our medical loans act as a godsend during health crises or medical emergencies. Do not allow your loved ones to suffer just because you don’t have any cash in hand. Provide them with the best medical facilities that they deserve with our medical loans. Get an instant cash loan in 1 hour and save your loved ones’ lives. It will be the best online loan you will ever take out.

Business Loans: 

As you strive to create something extraordinary and provide employment to others, don’t let lack of working capital stop you from building great things. Partner with us at OnCredit and keep your business running smoothly. A little help in the initial stages goes a long way in growing your business.

Utility Bills Loans: 

Missing a utility bill such as water or electricity can have disastrous consequences but there are times when you might not have enough cash in hand to make even the minimum payment required to avoid disconnection. In situations like this, get quick cash loans online and settle your crucial utility bills to avoid undergoing the hassle of disconnection and reconnection.

At OnCredit, we sincerely seek to provide a helping hand to our customers and create long-term relationships. Get in touch with us today!