What does your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Finances: Scorpio

You either hate or love Scorpios. One of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac, the Scorpios’ natural sting brings some much-needed spice to life and can appear to be quite intimidating from afar. Scorpios love to keep their cards close to their chest and tend to be very secretive; however, ask a Scorpio to open up to you and they will bare their soul to you without hesitation. It can be said that while Scorpios possess all the emotional waves as other water signs, they are deeper and calmer, preferring to hide their emotions until they are comfortable enough to express them. There’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to Scorpios.

Traits of Scorpios

Everyone assumes Scorpios to be naturally snide and sarcastic, leaving you wondering whether they were being serious or simply joking around. Think of a cool leather jacket, a motorbike and sardonic wit, and you will get your stereotypical Scorpio, even though they are actually far more complex than they seem to be. They approach life with a knife-like precision, cutting and probing people and situations with ease to get to the truth which they value above all else. 

Scorpios and Finance

Wealth is an important part of a Scorpio’s life. Scorpios gravitate towards money because of the promise of power and freedom that money brings with it. Extravagant displays of money like flashy cars, expensive accessories and the finer things in life are essential to Scorpios as a display of their wealth. Scorpios directly relate how much money they have as a measure of their own capabilities and success. No matter what career or field they select, they will ruthlessly strive to be the best at it. When a Scorpio sets a goal, there is no question about whether they will achieve it.

Let’s take a look at how these traits of Scorpios affect how they handle their finances:


Scorpios are very picky about who they consider to be their close friends or loved ones; but when they do they will go above and beyond to protect them at all costs. This could translate into generously lending money to their friends or unquestionably agreeing to become personal loan guarantors. Even if these transactions turn sour, if there was no deception on the part of the friend, a Scorpio will not hold it against them. Scorpios are very good at reading people and will rarely trust the wrong people.

Hard to cheat

Although Scorpios inherently attract a lot of people with their mystery and allure, they are very careful about who to trust. They view other people with an “eat or be eaten” mindset which makes them very tricky people to work with. They will not get easily cheated by other people out of their money. Scorpios’ innate cunning and bluntness will help them mercilessly peel back lie after lie until they get to the truth. They value the truth highly and will shy away from cheating others themselves.

Things to Watch Out For

Scorpios will never be unable to make money; but their risk-loving natures and spendthrift behaviours might question whether they can keep it. If you are a Scorpio or have one in your life, watch out for the below:

Showing off wealth

Scorpios adore material objects not for their intrinsic value but as a symbol of their wealth which they consider to be a byproduct of their own skills and success. As such, they love to spend their money on outward displays of wealth such as expensive cars and jewelry, designer clothing, extravagant outings and more. While they are planners through and through, Scorpios don’t covet money for the sake of just having money and risk simply spending everything they earn.

Living life on the edge

With a natural attraction to danger and risk, it’s not too far fetched to find a Scorpio eating their way greedily into their savings or having no savings altogether. High risk, high return investments will be like honey to a Scorpio. They will have no qualms about needing to borrow cash fast to invest in an unexpected venture that seems lucrative to them. If a secured bank loan seems to take too long, they will immediately jump at getting a consumer loan online due to its speed and convenience.

Unwilling to show weakness

Rather than show that they are going through problems in their life or, worse, ask for help from others they will try to maintain a facade of calmness while trying to sort out their problems in some way or the other which might not be the best course of action. They would much rather opt to borrow cash fast from cash advance lenders than ask a friend to spot them for some money. Check up on your Scorpio loved ones often whether everything is okay or whether they need some assistance.