Pay via iPay App & Get 20% off on Your Next Loan

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We try to ensure that our service is always at hand for our clients, we develop useful functionality and add new features. Now you can repay a loan of OnCredit through the ipay online service.

We care about the comfort of our clients and value your time. Therefore, we have added another convenient option for loan repayment - online loan payment via iPay

Advantages iPay:

  • Avoid the hassle of travelling to branches, contacting
  • Secure, Fast & Paperless!
  • Convenience of paying at any time from anywhere via iPay using their own bank account.
  • Avoid payment lapses.

Instructions on how to pay

IPay Steps

And also: to everyone who pays a loan through iPay before December 14th inclusive, we will give a promotional code off 20% for the next loan!