Everything you wanted becomes real with OnCredit

Every time you open your social media pages, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, they are full of people your own age seemingly living fabulous lives; elaborate birthday parties, weekend hotel trips, luxury clothes and accessories, grand homes and supercars. You can’t help but wonder how they can afford such lavish lifestyles and feel bad about your current situation. However, the reality is that in today’s world and economic conditions, hardly anyone can really afford the kind of lifestyles that they portray on social media, and that is something you should never yearn for or feel bad about in comparison. That being said, life is short and you need to enjoy yourself while you can. That’s where we come in.

Have you ever found yourself badly wanting or needing something but being just a couple thousand rupees short and payday just too many days away? It might be a Flash Sale for a weekend getaway or at your favourite online store that would save you a lot of money in the long run. At a time like this, when you could really use a quick, short-term cash loan, OnCredit is there to help.

At OnCredit, you can apply for and receive an online loan in Sri Lanka within just a few hours which you can promptly settle once your salary comes in. The only requirements for receiving this cash loan is that you need to be over 18 years of age, register with a valid mobile number, have a regular income and provide a photo of yourself and your National Identity Card. When you borrow for salary advance with OnCredit, the entire process can be completed without even needing to leave your seat. It’s that simple.

If you figure out how to use OnCredit smartly, you may find that you actually save more money than you spend. “How is this possible? What about the interest and service fees” you might wonder. If you take advantage of flash promotions and cash payment discounts on items you were anyway planning on buying once you had the money saved up, by taking a quick cash loan from OnCredit, your net expenses might actually be lower in the long run even taking into account the interest rates and service fees. However, this is a practice you must be very careful about.

Although when dealing with cash loans and online loans, you must be very careful and never borrow for salary advances that you cannot repay. But if you manage to master financial management, using the support of quick online loans you can actually improve your living standards and even enjoy little luxuries you previously thought were unattainable.

So next time you find yourself wistfully watching the time run out on a great online sale or flash promotion that came just a few days before your salary date, and telling yourself that you just cannot afford it, think again. Life is short and money can always be made. Experiences are what’s important. Live your best life with OnCredit!